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Study shows differences and dangers in infotainment systems

Greater focus on distracted driving behaviors is taking place in Georgia with new laws implemented to try and stop drivers from driving while manipulating their handheld devices. The number of accidents due to distracted drivers has become problematic across the nation. Carmakers and outside companies have also taken the initiative in trying to make it safer to use various amenities and remain safe while doing so with so-called "infotainment" systems. These systems have also served to remove drivers' attention from their focus: driving. Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has examined these systems and determined that some are safer than others while still being risky overall.

The study examined both manufacturer-installed systems and those from Apple and Google. The latter two were found to be less distracting than the ones that were installed by the factory. With CarPlay by Apple, the driver can control the device with his or her voice. Android Auto by Google is similar, and the responses come in verbally. It also takes less time to use Apple and Google as it is 24 percent faster than the installed systems when making a phone call and 31 percent faster when putting information into the devices.

The ability to complete these tasks more quickly is vital as drivers who take their eyes from the road are at twice the danger of being in a crash. Any infotainment system should not be used for such activities as surfing the web, emailing or other non-driving activities. Regardless of the installed devices being faster, there was still a relatively long time to be distracted as it took 33 seconds to plug in navigation. Manufacturer installed devices took 48 seconds. There are more than 3,500 fatalities and 390,000 injuries each year due to distracted driving across the U.S.

No matter how much work is done to try and reduce the number of distracted drivers on the road, it will still take place and cause accidents with injuries and death. Those who have been in a crash and suffered auto accident injuries or lost a loved one will automatically think that it might have been because of a distracted driver. Having legal assistance to investigate is an important factor in being compensated. Marietta, Georgia, auto accident injury attorneys can help with a case.

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