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Who is liable for your injuries in a ride-share collision?

Have you ever been out with friends, perhaps for dinner and drinks at your favorite local pub, or to a sporting event or concert where you've had a great time but don't feel like driving home? If you've ever sat for hours, waiting for your time to exit the parking area of a crowded concert venue, it's understandable that the thought of repeating the experience makes you feel less than eager.

Maybe you're certain your blood alcohol content is still within legal limits for driving in Georgia but would rather err on the safe side and catch a ride home some other way. Ride-sharing programs like Uber or Lyft may rank high on your list of travel perks. With a few clicks on your smart phone, you can arrange for a driver to take you to your destination, but what happens if you're involved in a collision and suffer injury while riding in a hired vehicle? 

Whose insurance covers the cost? 

Insurance coverage for ride-share companies is voluntary in Georgia. It is a requirement that all motorists purchase auto insurance; however, state law allows insurance companies to cancel personal policies if drivers use private vehicles for commercial endeavors. Things could get pretty complicated if you suffer injury in a collision with a ride-share driver, either as a passenger or a pedestrian, or while traveling in a separate vehicle, especially if you have trouble securing reimbursement. 

In the aftermath of a collision 

The same recommendations apply if you suffer injury in a collision involving a ride-share vehicle as with all other types of collision. You help your own case by seeking medical attention and documenting all information pertaining to your care. It's also good to photograph the accident scene if possible and write down all pertinent information as to the events leading up to your accident while they are still fresh in your memory. Certain injuries may affect your ability to remember a collision. Always gather as much evidence as possible.  

Determining liability 

Because the companies for whom they drive do not technically employ their ride-share drivers -- rather, they are independent contractors -- determining liability following a collision resulting in injury is not always easy. This is one of many reasons most Georgia accident victims reach out for legal support as they navigate their recoveries. 

Unknown territory 

Given the fact that ride-share programs haven't been in existence long, the laws that govern such matters are still new and tend to vary by state. The bottom line is that you can tap into local support resources any time you suffer injury at the fault of another driver, in order to sort through the legal implications of the situation to help you obtain as full a recovery as possible.

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