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Child pedestrian suffers auto accident injuries due to DUI driver

It is an unfortunate reality that drivers throughout Georgia will choose to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or using drugs. While other dangerous behaviors behind the wheel such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, speeding, recklessness and more have garnered greater attention in recent years, driving under the influence remains common and is the cause a great many auto accident injuries. For people who have been hurt in a crash with an alleged DUI driver, it is important to remember that there is the option to seek compensation in a legal filing. This is especially important if a child was injured.

An alleged DUI driver hit multiple vehicles. One of the vehicles that was hit was sent crashing into an eight-year-old boy. A witness stated that the sound of screeching tires and a crash was heard outside their residence. Law enforcement said that the driver hit three vehicles in the parking lot of an apartment complex. One hit the child. The boy was reportedly not seriously injured. The driver initially stated that he was not the one driving and it was his girlfriend who was behind the wheel. It was discovered that he was operating the vehicle and was under the influence. The investigation and the case is continuing.

Did a date night turn into a nightmare after a slip and fall?

You may consider going out to a restaurant for dinner a special treat or something you look forward to doing with your spouse on the weekends. You may choose your location thoughtfully, depending on the food or atmosphere you want to enjoy, and you certainly do not want your evening to end with a trip to the hospital.

Unfortunately, your chosen restaurant could present a number of hazards that result in you or a loved one tripping or slipping and falling. Though many people consider falls minor accidents, they can often lead to serious injuries. In many cases, even establishments that see numerous customers could put their patrons at risk for injuries.

Uber, Lyft and ridesharing accident injuries spark concern

Debates in Georgia and across the nation have been ongoing as to the benefits and drawbacks of ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft. While these services have been a boon to the economy giving people an opportunity to work in an industry they would otherwise not be able to and the costs of getting a ride have been reduced, other factors are still up in the air. Safety is promoted as a benefit for ridesharing, but studies are indicating that there could be a disparity between that ideal and the reality. Those who have been affected by or lost a loved one after Uber, Lyft and ridesharing accident injuries should think about this new information.

A study from Rice University and the University of Chicago suggests that the increase in fatalities on U.S. roadways could be, in part, due to the rise of Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services. The researchers used National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics to formulate its conclusions. It compared those fatalities with dates at which the ridesharing companies began operations in various cities. It showed a correlation.

Does a dog's breed determine its aggression?

When you are in the park or walking in the neighborhood with your child, you may have concerns when someone approaches with a dog. Does your reaction have anything to do with the breed of dog coming your way?

You are not alone if you feel especially nervous around large breeds like pit bulls, German shepherds or Rottweilers. On the other hand, perhaps you are like many who want to give the benefit of the doubt to these breeds. Still, when a dog attacks your child, it may make little difference to you what breed it is.

Report shows positives and negatives for auto accident injuries

It is always useful for Georgia residents to keep an eye on accident statistics to see where the dangers are and formulate strategies to remain safe. Government reports are beneficial in myriad ways. For example, they can show which types of vehicles and areas are prone to auto accident injuries and death while simultaneously indicating what behaviors are less dangerous. This information can also be of use after there has been an accident and those who were injured or lost a loved one in the crash are considering a legal filing for compensation.

The statistics for highway fatalities in 2017 were recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While there are some positive signs for better safety on our nation's roadways, there are also concerns. The number of deaths on the road has reduced after back-to-back years in which they increased significantly. The first half of 2018 also has promising signs that there is a reduction in fatal accidents. Still, despite the improvements, there were more than 37,000 deaths on the road in 2017.

Distracted driver sparks crossing guard's auto accident injuries

Georgia has taken major steps to try and reduce the number of people who use their smartphones and other devices when behind the wheel. Greater vigilance and enforcement is meant to make the roads safer for everyone. Unfortunately, when a device is close by, many drivers are unable to resist the urge to pick it up and use it. Distracted driving is known to be a dangerous activity and can cause an accident resulting in auto accident injuries and death. People who have been impacted by a distracted driving crash must remember the importance of legal help to be compensated for medical costs, lost wages and more.

A 21-year-old woman who was working as a school crossing guard was seriously hurt in a chain-reaction crash believed to have been started by a distracted driver. According to the investigation, a 50-year-old man was driving a Chevrolet Silverado and heading south. A 17-year-old female was leaving a high school in her Jeep Compass at the same time.

Get tough in Georgia when seeking justice for soft tissue injury

You battle Georgia's rush-hour traffic every morning and evening on your way to and from work, but every evening, you return home virtually unscathed -- until today. Unfortunately, a careless driver just struck your car during your drive home, and now, you are suffering injuries.

Some of the most common types of injuries in car collisions are injuries involving the body's soft tissues. Here is a look at what addressing these injuries entails, along with your rights if another driver's carelessness has caused you to suffer.

Truck flees after wrongful death of pedestrian in Georgia

Georgia drivers are responsible for their actions when there is a crash with a pedestrian. When there is an accident and a pedestrian is hit, the driver is expected to wait at the scene, check on the condition of the person and call for assistance. This is especially true when it is a truck accident, as the vehicles are larger and can do significantly more damage than a smaller vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers decide to flee the scene. That could be due to fear, because they were under the influence, were distracted, were speeding or did not even realize they hit someone. Regardless, when there is a pedestrian accident, the victim can suffer serious injuries and wrongful death.

A 79-year-old woman was killed when she was hit by a U-Haul truck. The accident happened at around 3:45 p.m. in a location that is known to be dangerous to pedestrians and others on the road. After the crash, the driver of the U-Haul drove away. A person who lives nearby heard a crash and went outside to see what happened. He found the elderly woman and determined that she had died. Law enforcement believes the U-Haul drove onto the pavement when the woman was hit. The driver is believed to have been male. The investigation is ongoing as law enforcement seeks the driver.

What factors contribute to most truck accidents?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could choose whom you share Georgia's roads with every day? If that were the case, you might never have to worry about getting home safely at the end of your day. You would know that everyone else on the road was paying attention, following the rules and looking out for your safety.

Sadly, it doesn't work that way. Everyone shares the road with all kinds of drivers, and some of them fail to meet your expectations. This could make you anxious enough, but when some of those vehicles are 18-wheelers, your anxiety level could increase exponentially. The size and weight of these mammoth beasts mean they can't stop easily, and they pack quite a punch if they hit something.

Despite new law, distracted auto accident injuries still a risk

Since texting and driving is known to be so dangerous in Georgia and is the cause of so many accidents with injuries and fatalities, it has been a focal point of law enforcement and legislators to try and reduce its frequency. Drivers who are operating their vehicles safely and within the law can find themselves facing auto accident injuries and death because of another driver who is texting behind the wheel. Understanding the realities of texting and driving and how a crash can impact a person's life makes it important to think about the future and consider one's legal options if they are involved in a distracted driving collision.

Beginning earlier in 2018, legislators took steps to try and prevent drivers from taking part in the activity with a new law making it a violation to have a phone in hand while driving. The law has been in place for the entire summer and the results are now beginning to be known as to how effective it has been. A survey shows the results are not encouraging. AAA says that its survey showed three-quarters of those who took part said they saw other drivers who had their phone in their hand on a regular basis. 60 percent stated they saw other drivers texting and driving. More than 1,170 people took part in the survey.


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