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Pedestrian wrongful death incidents up significantly

Pedestrians are always at risk for being injured or killed when hit by a motor vehicle in our state and throughout the nation. This danger is increasing as a growing number of people are driving while distracted. Many of these incidents are compounded by the driver choosing to flee the scene, rather than stay and call for emergency services, if necessary. Researchers and lawmakers are seeking methods to reduce the frequency of these accidents and make the roads safer.

Studies show that there has been an increase in these accidents across the U.S with a 46 percent rise from the lowest recorded total in 2009. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says that there was a 16 percent rise across the nation.

Protecting yourself as a biker by knowing the risks you face

With summertime approaching quickly, like many others, you may be excited by the mere thought of taking your motorcycle out of the garage and taking in the breeze on Georgia highways. You may already have taken care of the necessary maintenance to ensure your bike is in proper working condition.

Although making sure all your lights and indicators work as intended is advisable, this may only be one part of the process of keeping you safe as a biker. Since accidents involving motorcycles can be exceedingly dangerous, knowing the risks you may face out on the road could also be essential.

Number of wrongful death pedestrian crashes with SUVs rising

Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate reality for people in Marietta, throughout Georgia and across the U.S. No one expects to leave their home and be in a crash that will cause severe injuries and death, but it happens with a disturbing frequency. Understanding the causes of these crashes is important as it can help legislators and law enforcement to craft strategies to reduce or even prevent them. One issue that is happening with a troubling regularity is fatal pedestrian accidents with an SUV. Concerns about the rise have sparked questions as to why this is happening.

Distracted driver believed to cause wrongful death of road worker

In Marietta and throughout Georgia, when there is a car accident, the situation with distracted driving has grown so prevalent that there is an immediate question as to whether a driver was using a cellphone. This does not necessarily mean talking on the phone. Given the number of ways in which people can use a device today and misguided attempts to multitask, it has grown notoriously easy to be distracted behind the wheel. At significant risk are pedestrians and road workers. Being hit by a vehicle can cause severe injuries and death. The families of those who have lost their lives in a crash should be aware of their right to seek compensation by discussing a case with Marietta, Georgia, wrongful death lawyers.

A woman was arrested after she hit an inmate on work-released with her vehicle. The incident occurred at about 9:45 a.m. The inmate was 22. He and a group of other inmates were working on the road at the time of the accident. He was holding a sign to warn drivers that they should slow down or stop as work was being done. He had spent five months on work detail. The driver of the vehicle, 44, remained at the site of the crash. According to law enforcement, she was distracted by her phone when she hit the man. She was arrested for several charges including distracted driving and vehicular homicide.

Who is liable for your injuries in a ride-share collision?

Have you ever been out with friends, perhaps for dinner and drinks at your favorite local pub, or to a sporting event or concert where you've had a great time but don't feel like driving home? If you've ever sat for hours, waiting for your time to exit the parking area of a crowded concert venue, it's understandable that the thought of repeating the experience makes you feel less than eager.

Maybe you're certain your blood alcohol content is still within legal limits for driving in Georgia but would rather err on the safe side and catch a ride home some other way. Ride-sharing programs like Uber or Lyft may rank high on your list of travel perks. With a few clicks on your smart phone, you can arrange for a driver to take you to your destination, but what happens if you're involved in a collision and suffer injury while riding in a hired vehicle? 

AAA: Hit-and-run car crashes are on the rise

While the law is not always easy to understand, it can be very clear at times. For example, Georgia law is crystal-clear on this point: after a driver has been involved in a motor vehicle crash, he or she must stop or return to the scene. If a wreck involves injuries, it is even more important for drivers to obey the law and stop.

Automobile service AAA says that its new research indicates that more than one hit-and-run collision takes place every minute of every day in the U.S. More than 2,000 people involved in hit-and-runs in 2016 died – a dramatic 60 percent increase in fatalities since 2009.

Certain steps are essential following a car accident

You have just been involved in a car accident resulting from another driver's negligent behavior behind the wheel. The scene is chaotic, and you feel pain in various parts of your body. Naturally, you may be confused about what to do next.

Unfortunately, failing to take the proper steps following an accident stemming from a careless driver's actions may hurt you in the long run. Here are a few steps to take following a collision to protect your best interests long term if you are able and can do so safely.


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