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A slip and fall often involves serious injuries. Trauma to the head, back and spinal cord injuries, broken bones — you name it. Such accidents involve serious medical bills and time off work.

Under the law, business owners, cities and municipalities have a duty to make sure their property is safe and free of hazards that could cause injury. However, the law is tricky in the state of Georgia when it comes to proving liability.

The law states that property owners are only liable if the plaintiff proves that there was a defective condition on the property, the owner knew or should have known of the condition, failed to correct it, and, the plaintiff was injured as a result.

Other factors may also apply, depending on the circumstances. Nevertheless, we can help.

Handling All Aspects Of The Process

Our experienced team of lawyers at the Law Office of Gregory Chancy in Marietta, Georgia, have helped individuals recover for many types of injuries caused by the fault of others, including slip and falls on commercial properties such as restaurants, bars, shopping malls, grocery stores and hotels.

We will conduct a thorough examination of the facts and circumstances and, if you have a case, determine a course of action. Ultimately, our goal is to pursue maximum compensation for your injuries, including damages to pay for both present and future costs relating to your injury.

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