The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Attorney To Handle Your Motorcycle Accident Case

A motorcycle accident involving another vehicle or truck typically results in more catastrophic injuries — and even death. Bikers simply do not have the shield of those in passenger vehicles.

Traumatic brain injuries, damage to spinal cord and injuries to internal organs are common.

Due to the degree of injuries, those injured in a motorcycle accident should consult with an experienced attorney, one who will fight to get maximum compensation to pay for past, present and future expenses associated with the collision.

About Our Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers

At Law Office of Gregory Chancy, our team of attorneys have helped motorcyclists in Marietta, Georgia, and throughout northern Atlanta recover damages to pay for all medical expenses associated with their injury, lost wages due to the inability to work, and pain and suffering.

We have even helped family members recover damages in a wrongful death lawsuit for collisions that resulted in the tragic death of their loved one.

Former Insurance Adjusters On Staff

Our team also consists of paralegals who were former insurance adjusters. Since insurance companies are often involved with the process, having individuals who understand the protocols, tactics and language is essential to fighting and advocating for our clients.

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