Helping Victims In Northern Atlanta Recover For Dog Bite Injuries

Along with shock and pain, a dog bite can leave victims feeling a whole host of emotions: anger, frustration, astonishment. And, parents of young children often feel upset and guilt-ridden.

After medical treatment is administered and the initial shock subsides, people want to know their legal recourse options.

Understanding The Law Regarding Dog Bite Lawsuits In Georgia

Generally, the owner of the dog is responsible for the bite. Many states have what's known as "strict liability" laws that automatically place blame on a dog owner if the dog bites and injures another — regardless of the circumstances.

However, liability in the state of Georgia is not this straightforward.

In Georgia, to recover compensation against the dog owner for a dog bite, an injured party must prove that the dog owner knew their dog was dangerous, or had vicious tendencies, had a duty to take reasonable care (e.g. leashing or muzzling the dog while in public areas) to prevent an attack, but didn't.

Other nuances of the law can also negate recovery. For example, parties who are bitten by a dog while trespassing may be barred from recovering compensation.

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