Helping Northern Atlanta Individuals With Car Accident Injury Claims

In the state of Georgia, individuals injured in any type of motor vehicle accident — whether the collision involved a car, SUV, truck or motorcycle — can pursue a cause of action against the at-fault driver who caused the accident.

The law allows injured parties to recover:

  • Medical expenses, including doctor bills, surgical procedures, rehabilitation and therapy sessions
  • Lost wages, including past, present and potential earnings
  • Pain and suffering due to the incident

Beware Of Settlement Offers From Auto Insurance Companies

In many cases, however, auto insurance companies will attempt to settle with injured parties. However, many offers are often low and fail to account for compensation such as pain and suffering or future wage potential.

An experienced attorney can make sure that does not happen.

Let Us Help You Get Maximum Compensation

At Law Office of Gregory Chancy, we have experience advocating for victims in Marietta, Georgia, and throughout northern Atlanta who have suffered injuries in an automobile accident.

Our team includes a staff of car accident lawyers who have handed many of these types of cases. We also have former insurance adjusters on staff who knows the insurance industry and the "language" adjusters' use and the protocols they often follow. Such valuable knowledge gives us an advantage over many other law firms when it comes to negotiations.

Helping You File A Claim Against Your Own Policy

Known as an uninsured or underinsured claim, in some instances injured parties will need to file a claim against their own auto policy. This often happens when the other at-fault driver left the scene of the accident or does not have adequate insurance to compensate you for your injuries.

If you have this type of insurance, do not be afraid to file a claim. Many people wrongfully believe that filing an uninsured/underinsured claim on their own policy will raise their rates. This is not true. If you have purchased the coverage, you are entitled to the coverage.

Reach Out To Us To Help Answer Your Questions, Alleviate Your Concerns

We invite you to reach out to us to talk further about your accident, your injuries, what you can recover and any other pressing issues regarding your particular circumstance. We offer free, no-obligation consultations.

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